Gourmet Christmas Box

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This box contains Rare and Precious Foods to be stored in the refrigerator, once you receive your order be sure to read the information on proper storage for each product.

In celebration of the holiday season, Longino & Cardenal is offering a gourmet box set as a Christmas gift idea for friends and family to celebrate Christmas with joy while enjoying the highest quality products. Gourmet Christmas gifts are always highly appreciated, our selection of Rare and Precious Foods includes the best of Italian and international products, for a truly tasty gift with a festive and convivial flavor.

The Products in the Box:

Kaluga Amur Caviar, it is a highly sought-after caviar, with coarser eggs than other typologies, Kaluga is characterized by beautiful green and golden eggs. The complex, almost mineral-like taste makes it a favorite Caviar of Chefs.

Anchovy Fillets, these anchovies are caught in the spring, they are large, firm and with a significantly higher amount of fat, a factor that allows perfect salting. After the salting period, they are cleaned and packed in olive oil.

Irish Smoked Salmon, this salmon fillet is made from the freshest fish, which is caught and processed directly on the same day to get a very crispy texture and firmer meat texture.

Peeled Tomatoes, this is made with long tomatoes picked when fully ripe, blanched a few seconds in boiling water, hand-peeled whole and packed in glass jars with a fresh basil leaf.

Linguine Pasta, a pasta made using two varieties of Italian wheat that grows in organic agriculture. The wheat is slowly milled and processed into pasta at Pastificio Sorrentino, in Gragnano.

Sicilian Red Prawnsan Italian excellence with a refined, sweet and delicate taste. ed the red prawns live at a depth of about 700 meters, where the strong sea currents contribute to making the meat compact.

Burrata Cheese, produced in the province of Andria and Corato, it is a Stracciatella protected by an external casing of thin spun paste, made of cream mixed with milk enzymes and small scraps of mozzarella.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP Centumbrie, this oil is made with the native varieties Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino and Dolce Agogia, it has a complex and elegant character. The best fruits of the harvest in an excellent blend.

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