Anchovy Fillets in Tin

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The Best Acrmeshe Threads Nardin are the best for dimensions and for quell & rsquo; unmistakable aroma that distinguishes them. Handed down from generations from the Nardin family, the whole procedure & egrave; Strictly manual, including the insertion of threads.
the secret for an acouger as & hygrave; good, delicate and succulent? & nbsp; & nbsp; the freshness of the raw material: from the port to the establishment the distance & egrave; of only 6 km.

The anchovies are caught in the spring, the CD & Ldquo; Country / rdquo anchovy;, recognized as the best in the world: they are great, sode and with a quantity & agrave; Of much greasy fat, factor that allows a perfect salting. They are everaged, the head is removed and arranged in milk of the same diameter. A layer of anchovies and a layer of sea salt, so & hygrave; Up to exceed 5, 6 centimeters L & rsquo; tin hem. At this point, around the excess is a metal band called & ldquo; shirt & rdquo; In order not to drop the anchovies that will then press so & hygrave; To get excess water out and allow the correct seasoning. & nbsp;
why & eacute; the tin & egrave; always of the same size? Why & eacute; The value of anchovies is determined by their number per layer: less there are, pi & ugrave; they are large, pi & ugrave; are worth.
After the period under salt, they are desalted, cleaned by any impure & agrave; And packaged in olive oil, all exclusively by hand. A craft production that respects the philosophy of the & ldquo; km 0 & rdquo;: Proximity and fish workers in the proximity & agrave; whose quantity & agrave; & egrave; determined by how much the sea has to offer.

l & rsquo; company
l & rsquo; company nardin from pi & ugrave; of 100 years represents a reference point for the Basque fish market: the Trisavolo of Mila Oliveri & ndash; That together with her husband Sebastian founded the company 25 years ago & ndash; part & hygrave; From Sicily, precisely from Sciacca, to teach the premises L & rsquo; art of anchovy salting.
Mila, who represents the fourth generation, still carries the mission of his grandfather Leonardo, affectionately called with the diminutive & ldquo; nardin & rdquo;, ie enhancing that land that hosts them from the nineteenth century: local raw material caught with sustainable methods , only employees of Cantabria (90% still the same that for 25 years work alongside Mila) and craftsmanship with exclusively manual processes.

cantabria spa

Intravy threads under & olive oil


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Product Name: Anchovy Threads All & Rsquo; Olive Oil
Ingredients: & nbsp; Anchovies , Olive Oil, Salt
Conservation temperature: Store between 5 & ndash; 8 & deg; c
Drained net weight: 29 g
Nutritional declaration. Medium nutritional values ​​per 100 g: & nbsp; energy 809 kj / 193 kcal, fat 9.7g, of which saturated fatty acids 1.8g, carbohydrates <0.5g, of which sugars <0.5 g, protein 26.5 g , Salt 12.5 g.
Company name and address: Conservas Nardin Hego Kalea 3 E20750 Zumaia Spain
CE stamp: ES 12.01306 / SS CE
The ingredients that contain allergens are highlighted in Bold.
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