AOP Bouchot Mussels

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In France, bouchot mussels are protected by AOP (protected origin) status, meaning they have to originate from the bay of Mont Saint-Michel to carry that name. A true jewel of French gastronomy.

Bouchot is a traditional aquaculture technique for mussels. It means that the mussel was grown on ropes strung from wooden poles in the sea. The result is a mussel with full meats and a cleaner flavor.

Chef's Advice
When cooking mussels, we recommend to remove them one by one from the heat as soon as the single mussel opens. 
The best way to cook Bouchot Mussels is of course in a "French style" or over high heat in a casserole with shallots and Provencal herbs. 


Bouchot Mussels

Vacum packed 1,4 kg

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The Company

Marie Luxe acts as the coordinator of a real artisan fish chain, proposing high quality sea products directly and exclusively from small fishing boats around all the Breton coasts, Normandy, the Basque Country and the Mediteranean. 

At the crosssroads of the English Channel and the Atlantic, the Breton landscape offers a multitude of natural and unspoiled sites. Its water, particularly rich in food, provides it with specific zones of exploitation. Brittany is the only area in Europe to still have this diversity of products fished by a fleet of small boats. The hazardous, rocky nature of the sea-beds supports the growth and the multiplicity of the species available.

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