Perlina Aubergines from Sicily

Size 800 g
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Perlina are a variety of eggplant characterized by a sweet taste and a compact pulp, with a high content of fiber, mineral salts and vitamins. With an elongated and cylindrical shape, Perlinas are characterized by their small size (for this reason they can also be called Baby Aubergines) and by a smooth, thin-skinned and violet-colored surface.
This aubergine lends itself to many different types of preparations and even fried, it tends to absorb less oil than other varieties.

Sicily, ITALY

Perlina Aubergines - Category I

800 g pack

Company name and address: Società cooperativa la Perla del Sud via IV Novembre 5/G 97019 Vittoria (RG), Italy
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Company name and address: SOCIET & AGRAVE; Cooperative The Pearl of the South Via IV Novembre 5 / G 97019 Vittoria (RG)
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