Blue of ollasca 4 months

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We could not miss the Cauri, a blue cheese with raw paste, which well represents the great tradition of the Piedmontese Blu. The rind is fine, slightly mouldy and grey in color. The paste is elastic and straw-colored with scattered marbling and bluish veins. The combination of the sweet flavor of freshly milked milk and the piquancy of the streaked areas is accentuated during the 120-day aging process, resulting in a very special blue cheese with a perfect balance.

Milk: Raw cow's milk
Type: Semi-hard
Texture: Creamy
Rind: Muffled gray
Color: Ivory with bluish streaks
Flavor: Intense, of fresh cow's milk
Aroma: Herbaceous and spicy

Thanks to the experience of cheesemaker Marco Oldetti, in addition to Castelmagno, these ancient cheeses that have long been forgotten have been rediscovered. The supply chain is "0 cm": from the milk to the maturing process, all the work is done in an artisanal way within a few meters. These unobtainable cheeses are produced exclusively from the raw milk of the farm's own dairy cows, free to graze in spring and summer in the meadows surrounding the farm at an altitude of almost 2000m. All cheeses are dry salted by hand using sea salt. In addition to milk, the main ingredients are ferments and animal rennet. The entire cheesemaking process, as well as the maturation and ageing phases, take place in the dairy located in the upper part of the village of Valliera.

Raw milk is the fundamental element for the production of high quality dairy products. In France it is a real cult, in fact all cheeses to have the AOP denomination must necessarily be raw milk. The reason is the link between the cow, the pastures and the artisan art specific to each region. In fact, raw milk must be processed within a few hours of milking, which means a product that encompasses all the flavor of the production area, thus respecting all strains of lactic acid bacteria, yeasts and molds present in the producer's stables.

The Company

Born out of necessity for those who remained isolated in the high mountains, but which immediately became noble at the end of the 1200s, Castelmagno is a particular cheese, with a crumbly texture and a beautiful pearly white color, with a persistent aroma and flavor reminiscent of the flowers and herbs of the high pastures. Des Martin carries on this tradition in its extremely rare D.O.P. "mountain pasture" version, produced exclusively from raw milk, milked and processed in the area, above 1000 m above sea level and only between May and October, all to ensure a product of the highest quality and unmistakable flavor.


Valliera ITALY


250 g vacuum-packed

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Ingredients: Raw MILK, ferments, rennet, salt.

Milk origin: Italy

Keep at: +4 - +6°C

Valliera Società Agricola ss Production and headquarters Frazione Valliera, 54

12020 Castelmagno (CN)


Ingredients containing allergens are highlighted in BOLD.

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