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Located in the north of the Rhone Valley, 570 hectares of orchards tended by 150 producers who are members of the Sicoly cooperative are located in the Coteaux et Monts du Lyonnais area, all within a 40 km radius of the cooperative. The cooperative applies every technique that respects the fruit and the environment, practicing sustainable and responsible agriculture. The installation of an irrigation system in the hills of Lyon in 1970 promoted the development of a thriving fruit sector in the region.

The orientation of its orchards allows Sicoly to meet market needs by adapting its offerings in an agile and responsive manner. Undercover cultivation is becoming predominant (hail protection netting on apples, pears and peaches, tunnels for red fruit) and guarantees a harvest for the grower and impeccable fruit quality for the customer regardless of the weather conditions during the harvest period.

Balanced fruit farming often requires the production of multiple fruits to ensure a guaranteed income and to distribute the workload throughout the year: successive harvests from May to the first frost, followed by pruning, tilling and crop protection between September and June.

The Company

The SICOLY cooperative was created in 1962 with the union of a group of producers in order to promote their fruit on the French national market. Today, it produces and harvests 10,000 tons of high quality products each year on 570 hectares of orchards using techniques that respect the fruit and the environment, practicing sustainable and responsible agriculture.


IQF Blueberry

1 kg

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