Hand Sliced Irish Smoked Salmon Small Package

Size 100 g
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Kenmare's smoked salmon is made from the freshest fish, which is caught and processed directly on the same day to get a very crispy texture and firmer meat texture.

How does the smoking process take place?

Before smoking, the fillets must be perfectly dried: to do this they are placed in the oven on racks. Hot air gently passes between the fillets carrying away any remaining moisture. This process takes up to eight hours, and then moves on to smoking with oak wood. Oak is the traditional wood that has been used for smoking in Ireland since ancient times.

The technique used is cold smoking: heat is never applied directly to the salmon, which is gently "cooked" only through contact with the smoke. Traditionally, smoking lasts about 10-14 hours and leaves the salmon moist with a smoky aroma. Only smoke and salt for flavoring. After the smoking process, the salmon is hand-sliced and vacuum-packed.

What makes Kenmare salmon special?

Kenmare Select has over forty years of craftsmanship and centuries of tradition and savoir faire. A pride that bases its raison d'être on a unique curing and smoking process and a careful selection of the best animals: only top-quality salmon, free of imperfections or defects.

These are fish raised in the open sea, in a wild and natural setting where they can move and swim freely in large nets. They are fed exclusively with vegetable feed and what they would feed on in the wild.


Caherciveen Ireland


Pre-sliced artisanal smoked salmon


100 g

The Company

Kenmare's story owes its origin to Rémy Benoit, an award-winning French chef who, in 1982, moved with his wife to Kenmare where he opened Rémy's House, an immediately successful restaurant with listings in the Michelin, Egon Ronay and Good Food Guides. His hands-on approach to gastronomy led him to revive an old smokehouse that stood in the garden of his home, under the guidance and expert advice of former manager Séan Jones, still a director of the business today.

Ingredients: SALMON (Salmo salar raised in the Faroe Islands), sea salt. Traditional smoking with oak wood.

Net weight: 100g

Storage method: store at 0 and +4°C

Average nutritional values per 100g: energy 808 kJ/ 193kcal, fat 11g, of which saturated fatty acids 3.9g, carbohydrates 0.8g, of which sugars 0.6g, protein 22.8g, salt 2.7g.

Address and business name: Kerry Fish (IRE) UC, Caherciveen, Co. Kerry, Ireland

EC vignette: IE KY 0017 EC


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