Iberian Pork Crown

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Iberian Pork “Corona”

Cut from the upper part of the back of the pig, the “Corona” is obtained from the carré, deprived of the cover of excess fat, and the intercostal muscles, better known as ribs. This is a classic cut of the Spanish pork-butchery and a fitting reference to one of the symbols of Iberian culture: in fact, if rolled up and closed at the ends, the cut takes the shape of a classic crown, the emblem of the history of Spain’s monarchy.

We are in Salamanca, in the Autonomous Community of Castile and León in northwestern Spain – and more precisely in the municipality of Guijuelo: one of Spain’s four Denominations of Origin regions for Iberian ham. Blázquez breeds only selected 100% pure Iberian female pigs – characterized by their unmistakable flavor and their genetic predisposition to assimilate oleic acid obtained from the acorns or “bellotas” – and 100% Duroc and Iberian male pigs, which on the other hand contribute to the marbling of the fat, and consequently to a meat that melts in the mouth.

Blázquez pigs are raised in freedom or semi-freedom in very large wide open areas, where they can move freely: this contributes to stronger and more toned muscles. Moreover, the animals are allowed to live longer lives – over the age of 11 months – above the minimum required by Spanish law. As this is a pig that runs free, lives well and longer than its counterparts, it will provide a more delicate and succulent meat.

In addition, Blázquez, which owns vast lands in both Castile and Andalusia, produces its own pig feed in-house: a diet consisting of wheat, barley, corn, soybeans and bran supplements the acorns that the pigs love to feed on during the “montanera” period in autumn and winter. An exquisite product, like all Blázquez meat cuts, quick and easy to prepare and which requires a single, important tip to ensure the best flavor: despite what one may be inclined to think, the meat must be treated like beef, and therefore served strictly rare.

The company

Jamones Blázquez is a family-run producer that has always dedicated itself to Iberian pork, with almost 90 years of tradition to draw on. Controlled genetics, strict selection criteria based on unique know-how diligently passed down from generation to generation and self-produced nutrition: the secrets of the leading Iberian pork producer in Salamanca. Blázquez meat is subjected to strict controls. This allows the company to offer exquisite cuts that are already portioned and stand out for the delicacy, tenderness and succulence of the meat.


Guijuelo, Salamanca Province, SPAIN


Iberian Pork


vacuum-packed, 3 pieces of approx. 500 g each, frozen


Ingredients: pork meat

Bred and slaughtered in: Spain

Storage method: store at -18 °C

Company name and address: Productos Ibericos de Guijuelo S.L. Camino Villar de Gallimazo s/n Penaranda Salamanca, Spain

CE mark: ES 10.19335/SA CE

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Ingredients: pork

bred and slaughtered in: Spain

Modalit & agrave; conservation: Store A & Ndash; 18 & deg; c

Company name and address: ProductOS Ibericos de Guijuelo S.L. Fireplace Villar de Gallimazo S / N Pulsaranda Salamanca Spain

CE stamp: ES 10.19335 / SA CE

The ingredients that contain allergens are highlighted in bold

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