Italian Linden Honey 28gr

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The bouquet of linden honey is strong, chemical, almost medicinal, with a clear reference to the aroma of the flower, followed by the scent of incense and resin. In the mouth it is refreshing, of menthol, sage and lime, with a strong aromatic persistence balanced in the finish, between citrus and bitter. Linden honey owes its scent to the complexity of 100 different volatile aromatic substances.

Chef's Advice
Linden Honey is perfect for all teas, herbal and flower tisanes, infusions and fruit juices, fresh and low alcohol drinks, in the preparation of a bee's knees cocktail. It is good in all preparations where the presence of sage, basil and lemon grass is felt, or in those that involve the use of fresh sausage or goat cheese.

When cooking with linden honey, dilute it in the cooking water of durum wheat or spelt pasta or in the butter, sage and rosemary condiment for your pumpkin or spinach tortelli. In pastry, it can be used as a base for a ganache for extra dark chocolate pralines, it replaces sugar in cocktails.

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