Italian Wildflower Honey 28gr

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Wildflower Honey is the archetype of the complexity and plurality of honeys, wildflower honeys are the offspring of infinite combinations of nectars whose colors, scents and aromas photograph the environments of origin like snapshots.
Wildflowers honey can be blond, amber, with green reflections, copper, red and even fruity, floral, mentholated, tannic, caramelized, vanilla, bitter, underbrush, balsamic, astringent, salty, phenolic, malty, vegetable, licorice, liquid or creamy. The name wildflower is often accompanied by territorial names and therefore characteristic of each beekeeping.

Chef's Advice
Wildflower honey is the most suitable for cheeses, especially fresh soft cheeses. It is great to be used next to candy fruit or served on ice cream and panna cotta. A great passe-partout for many preparations, from seasoning to marinating, cooking meat or fish or as a sweetener in milk, tea and herbal teas.

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