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Today, Maldon salt has become an institution and its continuous success is due to the production of a unique high quality product, made relying on traditional and natural methods. The great merit for this incredible raw material goes precisely to Mother Nature, who has created the perfect habitat where salt is produced and harvested. Maldon salt has been harvested since 1882 from the English town bearing the same name, located in the salt marshes of Essex, along the estuary of the Blackwater River.

Thanks to low rainfall and the marshy shores fed by the tides, which translate into the high salinity of the water, salt has played a central role in this place for centuries. The Osborne family, the owners of the Maldon Salt company, deserves full credit for its success: over the course of the 20th century they refined the production methods, preserving the product and creating a brand now recognized all over the world.

To obtain Maldon salt, in fact, water is collected during the high tide period, after which it is filtered and placed in large containers. The water temperature is adjusted to obtain salt crystals, which are collected daily and dried out in ovens before being shipped off to be sold. Maldon salt is characterized by crunchy and crumbly flakes, the result of the work of man, combined with that of nature. These refined crystals release their flavor delicately and leave a clean taste, where the perfect balance of the natural minerals can be appreciated. Moreover, their crunchiness leaves a pleasant sensation on the palate. Maldon salt is ideal to use for seasoning dishes right before they are served, allowing the salt to preserve its characteristic crunchiness.

Despite what one may think, Maldon salt is in no way “saltier” than other salts. It is merely a sensation caused by the structure of Maldon salt crystals and the increased contact surface on the palate.

Longino & Cardenal is extremely proud to be the first company to import Maldon salt into Italy and, over the decades, the working relationship that goes back over 25 years, has turned into one of friendship and great mutual esteem. For us, as is the case for all gourmands who have tested this precious product, it is not just any salt: indeed, it is a true taste enhancer capable of elevating any dish, from sweet to salty.

The company

The Osborne family has been harvesting this precious raw material from the Essex coasts since 1882. Today, the typical pyramidal shape of Maldon salt crystals is a true cult in all the best restaurants and gastronomy stores in the world. In 2010, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth visited the company and two years later Maldon salt became the official Buckingham Palace supplier. Today, the fourth generation represented by Steve Osborne continues to carry forward this long-standing tradition, following in the footsteps of his father Clive, his grandfather Cyril and his great-grandfather James.




Sea Salt Flakes


125 g


Ingredients: sea salt crystals without additives

Storage method: store in a dry place

Company name and address: Maldon Salt Co. Ltd. Wucle Hill Business Park, Maldon, Essex, CM9 6UZ, UK

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Ingredienti: cristalli di sale marino senza additivi

Modalità di conservazione: mantenere in luogo asciutto

Indirizzo e ragione sociale: Maldon Salt Co. Ltd. Wucle Hill Business Park, Maldon, Essex, CM9 6UZ, UK

Gli ingredienti che contengono allergeni sono evidenziati in GRASSETTO

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