Monkfish Tail

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Monkfish tail refers to the portion of fish left once the head has been removed from the fish. A monkfish tail has one central bone running down the centre which divides the 2 monkfish fillets.

Chef's Advice

Monkfish tails can be cooked whole or cut into steaks across the bone. The presence of the bone in a monkfish tail will help impart flavour and keep the fish intact as it cooks.

Tails can be separated into fillets and pan-fried, poached or battered and deep-fried. Excluding the main central bone, monkfish tails have no other small bones within the flesh. If the bone is removed, use it to flavour home-made fish stocks.

Try the monkfish tail with lemon and parsley cream for extra flavor.


Monkfish Tail

1 kg

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The Company

Marie Luxe acts as the coordinator of a real artisan fish chain, proposing high quality sea products directly and exclusively from small fishing boats around all the Breton coasts, Normandy, the Basque Country and the Mediteranean. 

At the crosssroads of the English Channel and the Atlantic, the Breton landscape offers a multitude of natural and unspoiled sites. Its water, particularly rich in food, provides it with specific zones of exploitation. Brittany is the only area in Europe to still have this diversity of products fished by a fleet of small boats. The hazardous, rocky nature of the sea-beds supports the growth and the multiplicity of the species available.

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