Oyster Special Daniel Sorlut N°2 x12

Pack 12 pieces of size 2 - 100 gr approx.
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Daniel Sorlut Oysters are bivalve molluscs farmed, for centuries, in a unique ecosystem on the French coast of Charente-Maritime, in large natural pools with shallow waters and rich in nourishing algae. Daniel Sorlut special oysters are characterized by their unique, delicate, melt-in-the-mouth texture: the result of multiple controls and tests carried out throughout the farming process, during which the oysters must meet strict quality standards.
The abundant pulp (which accounts for about 13 to 16% of the weight of the oyster) is characterized by an immediate iodized and rich flavor, with a tasting experience that concludes with a stimulating and intense hazelnut flavor. This characteristic is due to the cold and calm waters of the Marennes Olèron, where the oysters round off and refines their taste.
The persistent taste of this oyster, which makes it one of the finest concave oysters in the world, is due to a nutrient that the oysters love to devour, a genuine natural boost of flavor: marine phytoplankton, present in large quantities in the waters of the coastal area of Marennes.

The company
Daniel Sorlut is a family-run company originally established in 1930. Today, the company has gained international fame in the oyster market thanks in large part to Laura Sorlut, Daniel’s granddaughter who, with her resourcefulness has been able to make these oysters a true cult in Spain. Daniel Sorlut oysters, in fact, count many renowned chefs among their customers, as well as several stands in Spain’s most popular fish markets.

Marennes, FRANCE

Daniel Sorlut Concave Oysters - Crassostrea Gigas

Pack of 12 oysters

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