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The Panettone delle Eccellenze “Together” was born from the idea of combining the best raw materials selected by Longino & Cardenal and making them available to master pastry chef Italo Vezzoli, winner of the 2020 “Panettone King” award.

The Panettone is produced exclusively with only sourdough starter that has been around for 3 generations and is leavened for 36 hours, for a product of exceptional lightness with highly pronounced alveoli.

An artisanal product without the addition of preservatives, dyes or other additives: an exclusive recipe for our customers that fully respects the Meneghino tradition.

The ingredients of our “panettone of excellence”:

- French butter made with raw milk creamed in wooden churns, as it used to be;

- Eggs from free-range hens with a round and compact yolk, the result of a diet rich in vitamins and carbohydrates;

- Marcona almonds, a very rare Spanish variety that is moist, sweeter and delicately softer than other types of almonds;

- Sultana raisins, delicately candied orange and citron to preserve the natural taste of the fruit;

- Natural Acacia honey in bloom between April and May, without the additions of ingredients or heat treatments, in its most authentic form.

Beillevaire Butter

Beillevaire was founded in 1980 by Pascal and Claudine Beillevaire. As the start, they had 50 cows and produced white cheese, unpasteurized cream and unpasteurized butter, products sold at local markets. The company now boasts 20 cheese shops, 10 food halls and is present in 50 markets a week.

The success and exponential growth from small company to large player of the market have not in any way changed Pascal’s mission: Beillevaire is in fact the only French company that works with raw milk and that continues to churn butter in wooden churns, as it used to be.

Mountain Eggs

Mattia and Giovanni founded the Uova di Montagna farm in 2016 with the aim of producing the best possible eggs while guaranteeing the highest standards of well-being for the animal. The breeding method is, in fact, inspired by some of Rudolf Steiner’s teachings and principles who, already in the early 1900s, envisioned an agriculture and a breeding method respectful of the natural cycles and of the ecological balance, threatened both by an animal concentration that is too high, as well as by the extremely specialized breeding typical of the industry.

Free-range breeding respects the ethological characteristics of the chicken and meets its different needs during all seasons and in all weather conditions.

Pariani Candied Fruits

Pariani is a family-run business that started its activity in 2010, with the production of Hazelnut Oil made exclusively with Piedmont Hazelnuts PGI. Thanks to the immediate success, Mattia Pariani extended the company’s “Research and Excellence” activity with other products including dried fruits, flours, candied fruits, essences and many others. The processing is exclusively artisanal and starts from the very best Italian raw materials. After the careful selection and washing process, the fruit is candied in open conditions for 7/8 days, with only the addition of sugar and glucose syrup.

Almondeli Almonds

Marcona almonds are a type of gourmet almond from Spain. Their texture is more like that of a macadamia nut and they are rounder than the more common California almond. These almonds can be enjoyed alone as gastronomic delicacies or used in any recipe that requires almonds. Almondeli almonds are still grown relying exclusively on traditional methods and can be found on the Mediterranean coast of Spain.

Thun Honey

Andrea Paternoster’s farm is a harmonious place with a strong connection with the land, the plants and bees: a place characterizing the beauty of the most precious fruit offered by the plants, which reveals the scent of the original flower. The word “bee” rhymes with life, a measuring instrument that unequivocally signals the health of an environment, fertilizes the flowers of most angiosperm species, ensuring their biodiversity. By their very nature bees represent the link between the human world and that of insects and they are often the only voice that we don’t listen to enough.

Acacia honey is characterized by hints of jam and bourbon vanilla, while in the mouth it is sweet and silky. Its aftertaste, on the other hand, confirms all the etherness of olfactory sensations, revealing a fresh note of sweet almond.




Classic Artisanal Panettone


Box with 1 kg panettone


Ingredients: type 00 soft WHEAT flour, BUTTER, EGG yolk, sugar, natural yeast type (type 00 soft flour, water), Sultana raisins 10%, candied cubed orange peel 10% (sugar, orange peel 40%, glucose syrup), candied cubed citron peel (sugar, citron peel 40%, glucose syrup), acacia honey, cocoa butter, malted WHEAT flour, icing (sugar pieces, EGG white, ALMONDS, APRICOT KERNELS, corn starch). May contain PEANUTS, OTHER NUTS, SESAME SEEDS AND DERIVATIVES, SOYBEANS AND DERIVATIVES.

Storage method: store in a cool, dry place. Average nutritional values per 100 g: energy 1941 kJ / 465 kcal, fat 27 g, of which saturated fatty acids 16 g, carbohydrates 48 g, of which sugars 23 g, proteins 6.8 g, salt 0.04 g. – Company name and address: via Variante di Cicola 13/C - 4060 Carobbio degli Angeli (BG), Italy

Ingredients that contain allergens are highlighted in BOLD.

Product label: the specific information relating to the products may vary due to modifications made by the manufacturers, which could temporarily lead to a discrepancy between the information available on the website and the information displayed on the products delivered. We therefore invite you to double check the information found on the product label or on the package before consuming or using it.

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