Pariani Artisanal Classic Panettone

Size 750 g
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Panettone is the traditional sweet bread of Italian Christmas time, a true masterpiece of Milanese tradition. Our Pariani Classic Panettone with PGI Hazelnut Frosting, Pearl Sugar and Whole Almonds is the highest quality Christmast dessert for your special occasion.

The traditional Christmas dessert masterfully crafted by Pariani, one of Italy's best nut producers, is a beautiful celebration bread, made with fresh eggs and milk. The light and airy dough is studded with candied citrus peel, and sweetened with a dash of honey.

The most important aspect is that it contains Piedmont hazelnuts and the top of the Panettone is enriched with whole almonds, giving the panettone a lovely sugared crown. This panettone makes a wonderful Christmas gift, or a great present for a host over the festive period.

Chef's Advice

Dive in and enjoy a slice of this luxury panettone with a breakfast espresso, or serve up after dinner with a glass of marsala wine.






750 g

Pariani is a family business that began its activity in 2010 with the production of Hazelnut Oil made exclusively with PGI "Piedmontese Hazelnuts". From the immediate success of hazelnut oil among professionals in the sector, the entire range of strictly Italian nut oils was born. Pariani's range then expanded and was completed with semi-finished products for ice cream, including pastes, flours, grains, candied fruits, essences and special ingredients.

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