Plankton Sea Cream 15 G

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Plankton Marine sea cream is a marine plankton based product that, added to your preparations, gives a pure sea flavor and offers the great advantage of extreme ease of use, since it is a ready product For use. The sea cream is a product based on marine plankton to use, just like the lyophilized variant, as an enhancer of the authentic sea flavor Easy to use in the kitchen, it is a preparation to add directly into rice, pasta, sauces, mayonnaise and in many other recipes to give the sea flavor.

The company
Plancton Marino Veta La Palma® is an exclusive food that arrives in the kitchen to intensify the authentic sea flavor. The aroma and nutritional value of marine microalgae have aroused the interest of the well-known Angel León, known as the "Chef del Mare" (2 Michelin stars with its "Aponiente" restaurant), which introduced the benefits of the Marine plankton In the kitchen, allowing him to renew him continuously. The marine plankton gives an authentic sea flavor without needing to use large amounts of fish products.

Ingredients: T. Chuii. Contains sulphites that are naturally found in foods
Nutritional declaration: medium nutritional values ​​per 100g: energy 1408kj / 337 kcal, fat 7g, of which saturated fatty acids 2.1g, 32g carbohydrates, of which sugars 0g, protein 38g, Salt 4.8g. The salt content depends exclusively on sodium naturally present in the food
Storage mode: Store in a cool and dry place

Net weight: 250g

Company name and address: FISTOPLANCTON MARINO SL Darsena Comercial S / N 11500 El Puerto de Santa Maria Cadiz Spain

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