Pre-sliced Cured Duck Breast

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Lafitte's cured Duck Breast is a valuable ingredient in professional kitchens because of its versatility: in a charcuterie board it releases all the umami of its region of production, namely the French Landes de Gascogne.

Chef's Advice

Being a duck cured meat, it is eaten at room temperature, without being cooked.

What are the characteristics of Lafitte duck?

Lafitte ducks, considered the best ducks for foie gras, are born from the cross between male Barberie and female Rouen or Peking duck.

The duck follows a slow growth rate and is recognizable by its black and white coloring-a distinguishing trait of absolute quality.

The ducks are raised outdoors in a natural, frugal environment. Their diet is based on grain and cereals, but corn makes the difference above all. Lafitte guarantees a duck raised for 102 days as a minimum.

Because the ducks are fed traditionally, their foie gras and corresponding anatomical cuts have a rustic taste and unique texture.


Chalosse FRANCE


Cured Duck Breast


90 gr. pre-sliced

The Company

Founded in 1920 by Pierre Lafitte in the village of Montaut in Chalosse in the French Landes, the company offers the best duck Foie Gras in the Landes. The ducks come from an ancient slow-growing strain and are fattened with non-GMO whole corn kernels. All canned Lafitte products are handcrafted, with no additives or preservatives.

Ingredients: duck breast, salt, pepper, sodium nitrite preservative.

Net weight: 90g

Average nutritional values per 100g: energy 2159kJ/ 522 kcal, fat 49g, of which saturated fatty acids 17g, carbohydrates 1g, of which sugars 0.8g, protein 19g, salt 3.1g

Storage conditions: store at 0 - 4°C.

Business name and address: Maison La Fitte 40500 Montaut, France

Ce stamp: FR 40.191.001 CE

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