Bread and Pasta

Quality flours and excellent raw materials combined with natural fermentation and exclusively leavened with sourdough, but above all time and passion: the few outstanding quality ingredients that go into making Triticum’s gourmet bread. In addition to bread, you will also find homemade breadsticks and quality pasta. From Sardinia, we offer you the typical Sardinian Fregula, also available in less classic versions, while from Piedmont you can try the traditional Plin and Tagliolini.

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Ready to Bake Bread and Italian Pasta

Good flours and excellent raw materials are the key to the success of Longino's bread and pasta selection. Only the best gourmet food for the most demanding customers, you can receive directly at home in Hong Kong the best quality bread and the authentic Italian pasta by ordering online thanks to Longino's website.

If you're looking for an easy and quick way to get fresh baked bread at home, then you'll need to try Triticum bread: a huge variety of ready to bake bread, from gluten free bread for a gluten free diet to rustic and flavored bread loaf to share with family and friends. The Spanish producer Triticum works with passion, offering artisanal bread thanks to a long history of bread making.

When talking about pasta, it is important to ensure that our pasta comes from Italy and is made by experts.. Our catalog is rich and wide, different types of pasta are available for every use and need. Do you prefer organic pasta or egg pasta? Have you ever heard of the typical Fregula pasta from Sardinia? We'll answer all your questions with the presentation of our amazing pasta selection, which will make you fall in love with Italian traditions.

Let's start this journey on bread and pasta, flour and legumes and be ready to have an authentic Italian food experience, without even travelling, just by eating the most rare and precious foods.

Bread for every occasion: daily meals and gourmet dinners

You can buy bread of the highest quality and enjoy home delivery, just by having a look at our catalog.

Bread is one the most important ingredient that every kitchen needs. It is an essential element in European food culture and that's why there are so many different kinds of bread. From the most traditional baguette bread to the innovative wine bread loaf, the choice is wide. In Italy, people use bread next to almost any dish they eat, it is a sort of accompaniment to everything. If you're eating pasta, you should always have some bread for scarpetta, which is literally translated into little shoe, but it means to collect the food left in the plate with a piece of bread.

There's nothing better than a bread slice soaked in the pasta sauce, a delicacy for your palate that you need to try once in a lifetime. Everybody knows about bruschetta, a slice of bread with some toppings, usually they are tomatoes with basil, garlic and oil, but you can also spread some vegetable jams or melted cheese on it.

The most interesting thing about Triticum bread is that it is a frozen, high quality bread. That means you can always have fresh bread at home, just by baking the right amount you need for every meal. And you don't even have to worry about dietary restrictions because the Spanish company has come up with gluten free options, for a full meal without any food containing gluten. Always at restaurant table, crispy breadsticks cannot be missed. Our selection of breadsticks comes from Spain, such as the "regañá" with a thin shape and exceptional texture.

Italian pasta, the most popular food in the world

Italy is well-known for its amazing pasta dishes. Longino gives the possibility to everyone in Hong Kong to experience a true Italian pasta recipe, thanks to the selection of artisanal pasta produced by the artisan pasta maker Giuseppe Cocco in Abruzzo. The flour used for the artisanal pasta is of excellent quality, the Italian pasta maker produces different shapes for different uses, such as spaghetti for a fish sauce, fettuccine for a delicious mushroom pasta and linguine with mullet roe powder. Kids love ruota pasta, orecchiette pasta comes from Apulian food tradition, and bucatini is the perfect pasta shape for amatriciana.

If you have never tried Sardinian Fregola, you better do it. Fregola pasta is a traditional shape, made of small balls of durum wheat and water and roasted in the oven. In Longino's catalog you will find many gourmet versions such as fregola with saffron, squid ink or seaweeds.

Carnaroli gourmet rice is an Italian excellence, a quality food that needs to be cooked according to strict standards. Rice is a versatile ingredient that is used in many recipes around the world, especially in Asian cultures. It can be cooked with meat, fish or vegetables.

Legumes and Flour for everyday use

Dried legumes are a must within the Longino & Cardenal catalog. From lentils and black lentils, chickpeas and beans to wheat flour for baking and making homemade pasta.

Our flour selection is great also for making homemade pizza dough and for creating your personal bread recipes, making pizza at home will be so much easier and your leavened dough will get to another superior level. Almond and pistachio flours are great gluten-free alternatives to wheat flour. They provide health benefits and can be used to make desserts like cakes and pastries.

Polenta flour is an Italian coarsely ground cornmeal. If you're wondering about how to make polenta recipe, the classic ratio is 1 part polenta to 4 parts water and you'll be ready to cook it. Polenta is a common winter dish in Northern Italy. It is made with cornmeal and water, and then boiled. Once it is cooked, it is often served with tomato and mushroom sauce, meat such as slow-cooked beef and cheese.