Salt Murray River

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Australian pink salt is harvested in the Murray River basin and only the finest flakes are marketed worldwide. It is thus a river salt extracted from the river waters, which along its course becomes loaded with minerals and substances contained in certain algae, such as carotene, that give the flakes a delicate apricot color.

During the harvesting process, the water is trapped in shallow basins, allowing the water to evaporate naturally under the heat of the Australian sun. This leads to the production of salt crystals that are harvested by hand.

The resulting salt has a slightly moist texture and a mild flavor. It is valued for its ability to add flavor to dishes without overpowering other ingredients. It is often used as a finishing touch to flavor dishes such as salads, grilled fish and meat, or even desserts.

Ingredienti: Sale del fiume Murray

Origine: Australia

Modalità di conservazione: conservare a temperatura ambiente con livelli di umidità inferiori all'80%, lontano da luce e fonti di calore

Ragione sociale e indirizzo: UOP sas Via Rocciamelone, 15 - 10040 Almese (TO)

Gli allergeni presenti tra gli ingredienti del prodotto sono evidenziati in grassetto

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