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The smoked anchovy fillets are the result of years of effort, always motivated by the mission of Nardin family: artisanal processing and respect for the raw material, anchovies exclusively from the Cantabrian Sea and fished in the spring. Selected for size and firmness, the anchovies are treated with noble native woods, following a delicate and natural artisan smoking process, without preservatives or additives.

The secret to such a good, delicate and succulent anchovy? The freshness of the raw material: the distance from the port to the factory is only 6 km.
The anchovy is a migratory blue fish and arrives in the Bay of Biscay between April and May. The Basques call them "country anchovies", recognized as the best in the world: they are large, firm and with a much higher quantity of fat, a factor that allows for perfect salting. They are fished in shoals and are bought at auction, a bidding war called Dutch style. Everyone goes to the market to wait for the return of the "arrantzales" on their fishing boats and grab all the production that will be needed for the coming year.

The Sicilians invented the salted anchovy. However, at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, the presence of these fish in Sicilian waters seemed to decline, so the island's fishermen were forced to cross the Pillars of Hercules and turn their bows towards the Bay of Biscay. It is here, in the Cantabrian Sea, that there are beautiful, large, firm anchovies.
Aware of their potential wealth, some far-sighted Sicilians decided to emigrate to Santogna, the capital of Cantabria. The Nardins also have Italian origins. Mila's great-great-grandfather - who, together with her husband Sebastian, founded the company 25 years ago in Getaria - was one of those daredevils who came from Sicily and taught the Basques the art of salting anchovies. Since then, not only have anchovies become part of the national gastronomic tradition, but the Spanish have learned to ennoble them much more than we Italians, making them a gourmet product.

The Company
The Nardin Company has been a reference point for the Basque fish market for more than 100 years: Mila Oliveri's great-great-grandfather - who founded the company 25 years ago with her husband Sebastian - left Sicily, specifically Sciacca, to teach the locals the art of salting anchovies.
Mila, who represents the fourth generation, still carries on the mission of her grandfather Leonardo, affectionately known by his nickname "Nardin", namely to enhance the land that has been home to them since the 19th century: local raw material fished using sustainable methods, only employees from Cantabria (90% still the same ones who have been working alongside Mila for 25 years) and artisanal processing using exclusively manual methods.

Cantabria SPAIN

Smoked anchovy fillets in olive oil

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