Smoked Salt

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Highly prized by top chefs, salt smoked naturally with beech wood is characterized by a rich and intense flavor.

Its color varies from light shades to darker hues, depending on the degree of smoking. The smoking process involves exposing the salt to natural smoke or aromatic wood vapors. This gives the salt a robust aroma and a slight earthy tinge, which goes well with a wide range of dishes.

It is ideal for flavoring grilled vegetables, baked potatoes, or even pasta dishes. The smoky undertones go beautifully with cheeses, either to be used directly on cheeses or to flavor sauces and dressings.

Remember that smoked salt is generally more intense than conventional table salt, so it is best to use it in moderation to avoid overpowering other flavors. A small amount can make all the difference, adding a smoky, unique note to your favorite dishes.

Ingredienti: Sale marino affumicato

Origine: Sicilia, Mar Mediterraneo

Modalità di conservazione: conservare a temperatura ambiente con livelli di umidità inferiori all'80%, lontano da luce e fonti di calore

Ragione sociale e indirizzo: UOP sas Via Rocciamelone, 15 - 10040 Almese (TO)

Gli allergeni presenti tra gli ingredienti del prodotto sono evidenziati in grassetto

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