Umami Black Garlic 180gr

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Umami black garlic is a unique and refined product: a harmony of flavors ranging from balsamic to licorice.

In the elegant 180 g package, 4 whole bulbs of white garlic from Polesine PDO, wisely ripened thanks to the skills of two young and enterprising biologists from Piedmont. Garlic, after the long process of maturation, turns black and acquires new fragrances: it will be able to enhance every creation, from salty to sweet.

It is not known the exact place of origin of black garlic, it is said it was born in Korea. Certainly thanks to the ingenuity and curiosity of chefs it arrived in Europe, becoming a fundamental ingredient in the contemporary cooking of the West.

Black garlic has also become famous for its healthy properties, among which there is a particular presence of antioxidants as well as the property of regulating cholesterol in the blood. Moreover, thanks to the maturation process, black garlic is extremely digestible.
Also suitable for vegan and gluten free diets.

The Company
Umami is a young company located between Langhe and Roero, specialized in the production of black garlic and black shallot, made with traditional methods and Italian raw materials of the highest quality.
Research and study have led 2 young biologists from Piedmont to specialize in the natural transformation of foods, exploring new flavors and nuances of flavor capable of enhancing every dish.

Piedmont ITALY

Black Matured Garlic

4 whole bulbs 180 g

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