Umami Black Shallot 180gr

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The proposal of the young company Umami does not stop at black garlic only, but also offers a novelty for the Italian market: Scalogno Nero Italiano, in the 180g retail package, processed with the same thermal maturation techniques used to produce the most famous black garlic.

To make it, only Italian shallots are selected and rigorously controlled throughout the entire production process.

The maturation process gives very different nuances compared to black garlic: they only have balsamic notes in common, but the shallot differs for a coffee aftertaste and a much more meltable texture. Beautiful whole bulbs of Italian shallots expertly matured thanks to the skills of two young and enterprising biologists from Piedmont.

Only certified raw materials of the highest quality, for an Italian superfood!

Superfoods are foods rich in beneficial properties for human health and therefore experts recommend their use. Moreover, thanks to the fermentation process, the black shallot is extremely digestible. Also suitable for vegan and gluten free diets.

The Company
Umami is a young company located between Langhe and Roero, specialized in the production of black garlic and black shallots, made with traditional methods and Italian raw materials of the highest quality.
Research and study have led 2 young biologists from Piedmont to specialize in the natural transformation of foods, exploring new flavors and nuances of flavor capable of enhancing every dish.

Piedmont ITALY

Mature Black Shallot

4 whole bulbs

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