Vacum Tenderloin Chain On 3 Kg

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An exclusive breed, the Old Cow Casina, native only to Galicia, grazes freely in the mountains of Northern Spain, feeding on grass and cereals. The tenderloin with chain is aged for at least a week and then portioned in Vacum's laboratories in convenient single portions. 

The company
José Rosell, founder and owner of Vacum Luxury Meats, specializes in the selection of the best Iberian cattle in terms of feed and pasture area. The Casina (Old Cow), exclusive to Vacum, grazes freely in the north of Spain and follows a diet mainly based on grass and cereals.
Mainly two Iberian breeds are treated: Rubia Gallega and Casina, exclusive to Vacum. Both are characterized by a high percentage of fat: while Casina's fat is very light, Rubia's is a very intense yellow, tending to ocher.
Thanks to a rigorous study conducted over the years, the maturing process has become the trademark of "Carne di Lusso Vacum", especially for the use of noble molds that create a meat with a unique taste.

Leon/Valencia SPAIN

Old cow - "Casina" breed

Vacuum packed, fresh

Chef's advice
Open the vacuum-packed product 1 or 2 hours in advance in order to oxygenate the meat, restore its original color and allow it to reach room temperature, optimal for cooking.
We recommend pan-frying "napped" with Beillevaire Salted Butter and seasonal aromas and the addition of Maldon Salt.

Allow to rest on a grill for a few minutes before serving. Hot dishes are recommended.

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