Vaniglia in Baccelli 18/20 cm

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Vanilla & Egrave; An original orchid of Mexico but today, Madagascar & Egrave; One of the leading world producers, in particular the Sava region, whose capital & egrave; Sambava. The pods, which are produced through the manual pollination of flowers, are collected at maturation and then places in boiling water for two minutes. To obtain dark brown and sweet and delicate aroma, they are then subjected to a process that includes heating, maceration and fermentation.

Sambava & Eacute; Pices takes its name from the capital of the region, where the world's best vanilla is cultivated. Quality & agrave; selected & egrave; The Vanille Bourbon Noire, who has an intensely sweet aroma and egrave; Slightly fruity, with notes of cocoa with which the region of origin, the antisiranana in common.

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usage tips

The vanilla pod absorbs the smells, so it should be stored away from other aromas and spices: it is therefore advisable to keep it in a sealed jar, together with cane sugar, which absorbs the aroma . Best makes in the preparation of puddings, cakes and liquors and & egrave; ideal. Natural vanilla helps fight stress and has a stimulating and antiseptic effect.

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l & rsquo; company

sambava & eacute; pices s.a.r.l. & egrave; A society & agrave; Headquartered in Madagascar, based in the capital of the island of Antananarivo: it makes use of small malgasy producers, accurately chosen, with the objective of offering excellent spices, preserving the territory, the Originalit & agrave; of the raw materials and the well-being of collaborators. The selection and taste of products are exceptional quality & agrave; selecting only the best spices available on the island.

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Il Madagascar & Egrave; a & rsquo; island formed for over 70 million years, a pristine place with flora and fauna between the pi & grave; Unique in the world, but also by incredible flavors represented by spices, raw materials that have conquered the world of gourmet gastronomy. Madagascar hosts rare species and plants that are located only on this extraordinary island. Its myth and wet climatic conditions and its fertile ground lead to this exceptional biodiversity & agrave; Second to anyone on the planet, & egrave; The ideal environment to make spices thrive and create new mixtures of flavors.


vanilla in pods

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Vacuum from 13.5 grams about

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Product Name: Bourbon Vanilla Noire in 18-20cm pods

Net weight: 13.5 gr (product subject to falling natural weight)

Origin: Madagascar


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