Yellow Chicken Label Rouge

Weight 1,8 kg approx.
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The free-range yellow chicken from the Landes has succulent, bright yellow meat, a reflection of the local grains and corn on which the poultry feed.

What makes Label Rouge chicken special?

Fermiers Landais is the benchmark in the poultry sector in France, a cooperative selection center for the best poultry specimens that allows perfect control of the raw material and complete traceability of the supply chain.

Space, clean air, natural diet: poultry benefit from optimal growing conditions, giving them unique characteristics and flavor. All poultry are free-range in the Gascogne Reserve and come from local farmers.

Farming revolves around the poultry houses, built within the forest where the poultry come back every night on their own initiative to rest or protect themselves during the night. Their diet consists mainly of maize from the Landes, mostly produced by the farmers themselves, who grind it before serving it to the poultry, mixed with soybeans and alfalfa. This mixture is fortified with vitamins, calcium and magnesium.

Added to this feed is anything the chickens can find, such as seeds, ferns and small animals that naturally supplement their diet.


Saint-Sever FRANCE 


Landes free-range chicken


1,8 kg approx.

The Company

Les Fermiers Landais are pioneers of semi-wild "Label Rouge" breeding in France. In the middle of forests, poultry grow free range for a minimum of 81 days in specially designed shelters. The diet is 100 percent plant-based, based on grains produced locally by farmers. This diet, combined with the poultry's lifestyle, makes the meat particularly tasty and tender.


Origin: France

Storage: store at 0 - 4°C. Consume quickly after opening

After complete cooking

Business name and address: Fermiers Landais SAS-BP 10026 - FR 40502 Saint Sever Cedex France

Ce stamp: FR 40.282.001 CE

Ingredients that contain allergens are highlighted in BOLD

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