Hand Sliced Irish Smoked Salmon

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We are all well-familiar with Norwegian or Scottish smoked salmon, but the Irish variety, whose production continues to rely on handmade and artisanal processes, has been able to withstand the invasion of large-scale distribution and consolidate itself as a rare and precious food item. Like salmon that finds itself having to go against the current to survive, Longino & Cardenal – nearly thirty years ago – made the conscious decision to go in search of an exclusive product that would allow us to stand out from the crowd. It is for this very reason that our expert professionals chose to reward the quality and craftsmanship of a little-known country when it comes to the production of smoked salmon: Ireland. And time has proved us right!

Today, our historic partner Kenmare is famous in the Italian gourmand world simply because it is a salmon characterized by an incredible flavor and texture. A quality product now available to food enthusiasts who have the desire to impress even with an “ordinary” smoked salmon. A product that in the end is by no means ordinary, as nothing is left to chance: a salmon bred in the open sea, a wild and natural environment in which the fish can move and swim freely in large nets, without being crowded. They are fed exclusively with a vegetable-based feed and with nutrients that they would feed on in nature, without any addition of contaminants from terrestrial animals.

The salmon is processed directly the day it is caught and does not require freezing. Same day processing of the fish results in a meat characterized by a crunchy and a much firmer texture. The smoking process, on the other hand, is exclusively cold-based or rather “ultra-cold”. In the smokehouse, only oak wood and seaweed are used, elements that give the fish a round, woody flavor with subtle walnut notes. The process is longer, but allows the smoke to deeply penetrate the meat. The result is a refined taste, where the scent of oak is perfectly balanced with the freshness of “sashimi” salmon. A harmonious yet concentrated ensemble, with very delicate overtones of salt and smoke that in no way cover the original flavor of the fish.

Each and every stage of the processing is manual: there are no machines capable of performing the delicate preparation and filleting procedures as well as expert human hands do. The dry seasoning process is also carried out by hand using sea salt, cane sugar and flakes of seven edible algae, all originating from the Donegal coast. This particular “blend” adds a mineral quality to the overall taste of the fish, evoking the freshness and flavor of the sea.

The company

The history of Kenmare owes its origins to Rémy Benoit, an award-winning French chef who in 1982 moved to Kenmare, a small town in the south of County Kerry, Ireland, together with his wife, where he opened Rémy’s House, a restaurant that gained immediate success and was soon listed in the Michelin, Egon Ronay and Good Food Guides. Chef Benoit’s practical approach to gastronomy led him to reopen an old smokehouse in the garden of his home, under the guidance and expert advice of the old company manager Séan Jones, who today continues to play the role of director.


Cahersiveen, Ireland


Artisanal smoked salmon


200 g


Ingredients: SALMON (Salmo salar farmed in the Faroe Islands), sea salt. Traditional oak wood smoking

Storage method: store between 0 and +4 °C

Average nutritional values per 100 g: energy 808 kJ / 193 kcal, fat 11 g, of which saturated fatty acids 3.9 g, carbohydrates 0.8 g, of which sugars 0.6 g, proteins 22.8 g, salt 2.7 g.

Company name and address: Kerry Fish (IRE) UC, Caherciveen, Co. Kerry, Ireland

CE mark: IE KY 0017 EC

Ingredients that contain allergens are highlighted in BOLD.

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Ingredients: SALMON (Salmo salar raised in the Faroe Islands), sea salt. Traditional smoking with oak wood

Storage method: store at 0 and + 4 & deg; C

Average nutritional values per 100g: energy 808 kJ / 193kcal, fat 11g, of which saturated fatty acids 3,9g, carbohydrates 0,8g, of which sugars 0,6g, proteins 22,8g, salt 2,7g. < / p>

Address and company name: Kerry Fish (IRE) UC, Caherciveen, Co. Kerry, Ireland

CE stamp: IE KY 0017 EC

Ingredients that contain allergens are highlighted in BOLD

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