Spices and Seasonings

Around the world Longino has selected the best spices with a thousand shades of quality and flavor. Sambava Épices offers a wide range of the best spices from Madagascar, preserving the originality of the raw materials. Antonio Sotos' saffron production process is still traditional, with manual harvesting of the flowers and drying over silk sieve filters to protect the notes of this specialty spice.

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Spices and Condiments to enhance all dishes

Spices are used to add flavor to Italian dishes, with black pepper and chili flakes being among the most popular, especially in the southern Italy. The spice culture is much more widespread abroad with a wealth of seasonings, sauces, oils, and vinegars to enhance and enrich simple dishes or to give complexity and character to traditional dishes.

Longino & Cardenal proposes a wide selection of dressings and condiments from the most popular such as paprika to the most sophisticated such as saffron. You can simply order on our website, choosing your favorite ingredients, and receive your products in the comfort of your home in Hong Kong.

Get ready to host a party and to surprise your guest with innovative aromas and spicy food. There are so many recipes that include the use of spices, which are great also for our health. Cooking with spices and condiments is quick and easy, you just need a pinch of spicy powder to give a boost of flavor.

Saffron, paprika, anchovy sauce: between exotic and traditional

The saffron in our selection comes from Spain, this special spice is very expensive and with a deep aroma. Its color always surprises and its properties are a great ally for our health. Saffron is a natural tonic, an appetite stimulant, it helps digestion, it fights coughs and bronchitis and it can help fortify the heart. The producer is Antonio Sotos, a family business in the region of La Mancha. Since 1912, they trade saffron of the highest quality, thanks to which they obtained international certifications and prizes.

Not all paprika is good, this is an important fact to underline. This is the reason behind Longino's choice to sell only artisanal smoked paprika from Spain. The company's name "La Chinata" comes from the inhabitants of the village of Malpartida de Plasencia, the birthplace of the company's founder. The difference between all the types of paprika is the level of spiciness: there is the sweet one, the bittersweet and the hot version for an extreme taste experience.

Colatura Di Alici (which literally translates to “anchovy drippings”) is the extract obtained from the salting of anchovies, a traditional blue fish that, for centuries, has been the main food for humble fishing families throughout the Mediterranean. When anchovies are cured in salt to preserve them over long periods of time, they are pressed and layered inside wooden barrels: the resulting sauce becomes a precious ingredient that encloses the full umami of the sea to add to pasta dishes or risottos.

Nut oil and nut butter

Pariani is the Italian company that provides us with excellent nuts from Italy, such as pistachios and almonds from Sicily and hazelnuts from Piedmont. They transform the roasted ingredient in delicious oils and butters to enhance all dishes, from savory to sweet, from pasta dishes to cakes and so on.

Among the most appreciated versions there are the almond oil and the walnut butter. All raw ingredients are selected among the best productions of Italy, to offer to our customers only the best. You will surprise your guests by using special oils and a tasty butter, this is an innovation that will give a boost to all recipes and will make you look like a starred chef.

Natural essences for pastry

The famous Italian chef Massimiliano Alajmo, with the help of master-perfumer Lorenzo Dante Ferro, has created a line of ultra-pure essential oils to be used, with great ease and precision, on a wide range of dishes and cocktails. These essences are not intended to replace an ingredient, but help to bring out its intensity, serving as veritable flavor “enhancer”. From dill and bergamot to cinnamon, lemon and ginger: the selection is wide and rich for all your recipes.