Chocolate and Nuts

Chocolate is the key ingredient for a tasty breakfast and a boost of energy in the morning. Discover our selection of chocolate spreads and pistachio cream for an authentic Italian breakfast with a gourmet twist. Add some nuts in your breakfast to experience the taste of Italian hazelnuts and Sicilian pistachios.

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Italian Nuts and Delicious Chocolate

In Italy, nuts play a very important role from the North to the South. The country can boast a rich variety of nuts, from Sicilian pistachio to Piedmontese hazelnuts. The tradition recipes use nuts for making cakes such as the famous almond cake in Sicily or the panpepato which is an explosion of aromatic notes. There is an interesting common point between Italy and Spain when talking about nuts because they both love nougat and Pablo Garrigos Ibanez is our favorite Spanish producer.

Let's start this journey for a sweet break from everyday life thanks to our partner Pariani. Discover our whole catalog, buy from Longino's website and receive your order in the comfort of your home in Hong Kong.

Pistachios, Almonds, Hazelnuts, Walnuts: treats of nature

Of course, Italy can't compare its nuts production with those of the USA or Turkey, but the Italian nuts have a much more intense flavor and a higher quality because of the production method. Italy is famous for the high standards of its raw ingredients, few examples are the Bronte Green Pistachio from Sicily, which enjoys the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and also the Slow Food Presidium.

Bronte is a small town close to Catania, it became worldwide famous because of the pistachio cultivation, which is one of the most important sources of income in this area. Here, pistachio is also known as the "Green Gold". Eating pistachios can have different health benefits, especially for sports people.

In the case of hazelnut, the king region in Italy is Piedmont. Their hazelnuts became so famous that it is possible now to find them all over the world, in almost every specialized shops. Longino & Cardenal proposes its selection of hazelnuts in the form of raw nuts, toasted nuts or hazelnut flour for making gluten free desserts.

For what concerns almonds, once again, it's Sicily that holds the record. The sweet variety Tuono can be purchased shelled or peeled, they are great as a snack after a workout, perfect for an authentic Italian aperitivo at sunset or for a sweet treat to pair with dark chocolate.

Buying Italian nuts will ensure a high quality product and, above all, will support small family businesses of passionate people that love nature more than everything else.

When nuts meet spices

Our partner company Pariani has come up with a wonderful idea: mixing nuts with spices to create a delicious snack. This is the perfect combination among hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds, pecan and cashews with garam masala, tandori masala, Himalaya salt and chili.

Discover our full catalog and find the ideal match for your next party, everybody will love the mix.

Spanish delicacies

As we already said, Spain is a great producer of nuts too. We selected for our catalog two varieties of Spanish almonds that are the Valencia and Marcona. The partner company that produces these delicacies is Almondeli, they also thought about mixing the almonds with herbs for giving an extra taste.