A wide choice of meats, but not only. From the Rubia Gallega, an exclusive Galician breed, we take you to discover quality pig breeds such as the Iberian pig, from which the famous Spanish Pata Negra is made, perhaps the most sought-after ham in the world. Among the various specialties, we certainly couldn’t ignore France’s most renowned product: foie gras.

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Our Meat and Cured Meat Selection

Discover Longino & Cardenal online store with the selection of quality cuts of meat and the most precious cured meats. We only offer excellent breeds of beef and pork that have been farmed with care, attention, love and passion. Among the best cattle breeds we have selected, there are the Spanish Rubia Gallega which is one of the finest meats in the world because the cows are between 7 and 20 years old and they are raised in the wild, feeding on fresh grass, and the Italian Fassona Piemontese, a female of over 48 months of age and fed on premium natural plant products. An animal that enjoys excellent health and lives in conditions of total well-being.

Our cured meat selection is rich in proposition for a great charcuterie board of Spanish jamon and Italian prosciutto. Parma ham and Spanish Pata Negra are the perfect choice for a special sunset appetizer.

For a gourmet dinner with your family or an unforgettable barbecue with friends, discover our wide selection of meat to buy online and get straight at your door after your order. Each cut or meat has its own specific cooking method, Longino & Cardenal also gives you tips on how to cook meat on the grill, on a pan or on the barbecue.

Discover the most precious beef: Spanish Rubia Gallega and Italian Fassona Piemontese

All the products on Longino shop online are fresh beef cuts and vacuum-packed to ensure longer preservation.

Vacum is the Spanish producer of the Old Cow and Rubia Gallega, considered one of the best beef in the world. It is characterized by a purplish meat color and a marbling ranging from pearl white to yellow-orange with a very soft and fine texture. Rubia Gallega is perfect to make your barbecue unforgettable. You'll just have to choose among rib-eye, tenderloin or striploin to cook on the grill, this meat is so special also because of its 30 days of aging.

Among Italian beef breeds, the Piedmontese fassona is one of the absolute best. The history of the Piedmontese Breed dates back to the Paleolithic era, when a new wild cattle species spread in Italy, this Fassona breed is excellent for milk and meat. Try all our propositions for grilling during hot summer such as the Fassona Rib Steak and the T-Bone also known as Italian Fiorentina. If you're looking for a gourmet and elegant meat dish, slice the Fassona Carpaccio for an authentic Italian food experience.

The Unique Iberian Pork

Spain is well known for its pig, especially the suckling pig which is a true delicacy. You'll have the opportunity to taste the Pork Ribs adding a refined touch with some herbs, or try the Segovian Piglet for a majestic dinner with your friends, the pork will become the true protagonist of the scene because it comes whole and you simply put it in the oven with your favorite seasonings.

The Spanish Pork is so special because it has an unmistakable flavor with an incredible fat marbling. These pigs grow freely and peacefully: this makes them stronger.

French Chicken and Foie Gras

Our selection of French poultry and foie gras is excellent for organizing a quick lunch or an elegant dinner with guests. If you're wondering how to prepare foie gras, then you just have to follow Longino instruction and let it cook in a pan for about 2 minutes per side and that's all. An easy meal full of flavors and aromas.

Your Special Charcuterie Board

From Emilia Romagna to Spain, Longino & Cardenal selects its partners with great care. The best prosciutto crudo from Parma, the excellent Jamón Ibérico from the Blázquez family, fine black forest ham and many other excellences are available in our online shop.

Spain is famous for its raw ham, the Pata Negra which can be found either in its whole version or already sliced and vacuum-packed. The jamón ibérico offered by Blázquez comes in four different types: jamón de bellota or jamón de cebo, which are the leg of the pig, paleta de bellota or paleta de cebo, which are the shoulder of the pig. The Admiracion line of the Iberico ham is the Premium line. Then, we have the salsichon, the chorizo and the lomo: all of them can be considered as salami.

Have fun creating the best version of your favorite charcuterie board with cured meats and cheeses, add some dried fruit and nuts for a final gourmet touch and then decorate the cutting board with some edible flowers.