Prawns and Lobsters

In addition to Mazara del Vallo red shrimp, our other treasures from Sicily include blue shrimp, pink shrimp, Caramote prawns and Norway lobster. For those who love red prawns, our Carabinero (Atlantic Red Prawn) is an absolute must such as our large selection of crabs.

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Our finest selection of Prawns and Lobsters

There is no wrong occasion for a plate of tasty shrimps, for lunch, for dinner or even for a snack, they are the perfect choice. Our prawns are such a delicious product that you would eat them all the time. Longino's selection of prawns and lobsters is presented by the company Don Gambero and it includes a great variety of the best shrimps from around the world, that you can order online and receive directly at home in Hong Kong.

In our TOP 3: Sicilian red shrimp, Carabinero Prawn and Langoustines from Sicily. We are sure you'll appreciate them because of their well-balanced taste between the saltiness of the sea and the sweetness of the shrimp.

Do you really know crustaceans? First of all, let's make clear that shrimps are not seafood. Although they are often associated with the shellfish category because they are paired in every luxury crudités plateau royal.  Prawns are marine animals, although there are some types that also thrive in lake or river waters. Their main feature is the shell, an armor that protects them completely. 

How to eat prawns

But apart from their characteristics, what is interesting for us is their amazing taste. A noble, refined, unique taste that makes prawns perfect for consumption both raw and cooked, even though people usually prefer them raw.

A highly prized raw material with which to make appetizers, finger foods, first courses, soups, main courses and so on, a very versatile ingredient. If you're planning to eat raw shrimps, have a look at our delicious recipe with red shrimp tartare, the perfect summer dish for very hot days.

Sicilian Red Prawns for your tartare

From Sicily with love. The amazing red prawns come to our tables, this special prawn is called the ammaru russu in Sicilian dialect. It is bright and luminous red, but above all, it has a meaty and firm texture, flavorful and succulent.

Like all Don Gambero products, as soon as they are caught, the prawns are immediately blast chilled directly on board, with a very high thermal shock. In order to maintain the full freshness of the product, the process is very quick.

Blue Shrimps and Pink Shrimps: a sweet note for your summer lunch

The blue or Purple Prawn is caught in the waters surrounding Sicily. Unlike its cousin, the Sicilian Red Shrimp, it has a lighter color of the shell and it lives in the depths, about 1,500 meters below the sea surface. It is a very rare crustacean, very appreciated in traditional cuisines in the Mediterranean area. Our advice is to always eat raw shrimps as not to alter the original flavor.

The pink shrimp is a much more delicate product, sweet and flavorful, it is appreciated by Italians and it is part of their most popular dishes.

Imperial Shrimp, a majestic and delicious prawn

The Caramote Prawn is a very tasty crustacean native to the Mediterranean Sea. It is characterized by a white, very firm and tasty flesh. It is also known as Imperial Prawn because of its colors.

This special prawn can be eaten raw or cooked, but if you're planning to cook it, we recommend blanching it just a minute to bring out its flavor. 

Carabinero Shrimp, the king of the sea

The Carabinero, or Atlantic prawn, is a red, scenic giant that can reach up to 30 centimeters in length. It comes from Andalusia, in Spain, and is an explosion of flavor. It has a very delicate and juicy taste, appreciated for the firm texture of its flesh.

The best way to eat this tasty prawn is definitely raw, but we suggest you to try the Carabinero as a baked shrimp or seasoned and then grilled with oil and salt only. Many international chefs have finally discovered the incredible culinary properties and the high quality of this prawn.

Delicious Langoustines for everyday use

You can find it in different sizes, langoustines are a delicious kind of crustacean coming from the sea of Sicily. Langoustines, also known as scampi, have a delicate taste, flavorful with a very juicy, soft, white flesh.

The most popular recipe with this amazing ingredient is scampi pasta, you can simply steam the scampi and then cook in the pan with pasta for extra creaminess or you can cook them on the grill for a fish barbecue.

European Lobsters, the French quality above all

The European Blue Lobster in our catalog is imported from France, the shell is blue with some marbling and a velvety blue tail. This blue lobster is a delicacy for true connoisseurs and refined palates because of its special taste and firm flesh. The quality is pure luxury.

The main difference between the blue lobster and other varieties is the delicate, succulent and sweeter flavor. It is delicious if eaten cold or even hot, it's also very easy to cook because it requires little preparation. Perfect if steamed, pan fried or in a salad.