Salt is one of the natural elements found in every kitchen in the world. With Longino you have the opportunity to choose the perfect typology for your dishes. Like Cornish sea salt, hand-picked in Cornwall, which comes in crisp, crumbly flakes. From the "Sun City" in Madagascar, don't miss Fleur de sel, known as the "salt caviar"

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Sea Salt in cooking, an essential ingredient

Cooking with sea salts -red salt, gray salt, black salt or fleur de sel - is a great way to give recipes added texture and flavor over table salt. Sea salt is a great ally in the kitchen, it has a very different taste and texture from the common table salt.

Sea salt, which comes from the evaporation of sea water, is known for its large, course grains and briny flavor. Table salt, on the other hand, comes from rock salt and is called for in most recipes because its fine grains dissolve easily.

Get ready to become a salt expert with our wide selection of salt, from smoked salt to the flavored one, choose your favorite and receive your order in the comfort of your home in Hong Kong.

Cornish Sea Salt: the English excellence

Cornish sea salt is hand-picked in the southwest shores of England, an area surrounded by the Ocean that gives the salt flakes a delicate, yet very special saltiness. Cornish salt is 100 percent natural, hand-harvested sea salt from Grade A waters that offer more flavor with less salt. Cornish salt is composed of more than 60 unique minerals, and is naturally low in sodium.

The Cornish Sea Salt company stands out for its low environmental impact. For the entire collection, Cornish Sea Salt sources the highest quality luxury ingredients from around the world, taking care to blend the seasonings carefully. Their salt is hand-picked, always fresh from the sea, on Cornwall's Lizard Peninsula. Founded in 2004, the company has created distinctive jars of artisanal sea salt that combine the typical versatility of salt with the exciting creativity that a gourmet ingredient can bring to the kitchen.

Cornish ocean waters give Cornish sea salt its unique flavor profile and high mineral content. The combination of minerals and nutrients means that Cornish salt is truly potent, able to add flavor to your cooking, so you can sprinkle less of it to achieve the same impact. Sea salt flakes are perfect for everyday cooking or for adding a special finish to a dish, a stunning garnish.

A hughe variety of salt

Longino proposes a hughe variety of salt: flavored salt, black and red salt, fleur de sel. We have sea salt for all your cooking.

Red salt comes from Hawaii and it contains a red clay called “Alaea,” which is high in the natural mineral iron oxide. The red clay from Kauai gives the salt a pinkish color and a more mellow flavor, ideal for prime rib and pork recipes. Try red salt with grilled peach- and mustard-glazed pork tenderloin.

Black salt is an unrefined mineral salt that has a strong sulfur odor and a pinkish grey color. Black salt is very popular in Indian cuisine. Try it in our recipe for coconut chutney.

“Flower of salt,” or fleur de sel, is considered a great condiment salt, it comes from the natural crystals that form on the surface of salt evaporation ponds in the Guerande region in France. It is often used for salads, vegetables and grilled meats.

When you need a snack which is both sweet and salty, you can always count on sea salt. Sea salt provides an easy and delicious solution for that craving. Because of its larger crystals, sea salt is great for sprinkling on top of various baked goods. Try it on top of chocolate fudge, chocolate brownies or caramels.