Frozen Blue Lobster Tail+Claw

Pack 140/190 g
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Blue Lobster is imported from France. It is a lobster for true refined palates because of its unique taste and outstanding meat quality in terms of texture.

The blue lobster is delicate, succulent and sweeter compared to other varieties. Delicious if eaten cold or hot, it is quite easy to cook it: it requires little preparation to please even the most demanding connoisseur.

Blue lobster has a mild, sweet flavor with a slightly salty note. Its flesh is succulent and distinguished by its tenderness. It is often compared to the taste of other seafood, but with a unique and unmistakable sweetness. Blue lobster is highly valued in the kitchen for its refined flavor and lends itself well to various culinary preparations to enhance its taste qualities.

Chef's Advice

Blue Lobster is a very versatile product, it is perfect steamed, boiled, poached, baked, grilled, broiled, pan fried, as sashimi or salad.




Blue lobster tail+claw


190 g approx.

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