Egg Garganelli Pasta

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Garganelli are a type of egg pasta hailing from the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, known for their distinctive quill-like shape. This pasta is made by rolling a square of egg dough into a tube, typically over a wooden stick or rod, using a ridged wooden board to give it a textured surface. Garganelli resemble penne but are artisanally made and have a ridge that helps them hold sauces better. They are especially popular in traditional Italian cuisine for their ability to pair well with hearty, creamy sauces or ragùs made from meat or vegetables. The ridges in garganelli make them excellent at capturing and holding onto every type of sauce, ensuring a flavorful bite every time.

The company
It was 1916 when Domenico Cocco entered to work in a pasta factory and he was only 14 years old. The work, over the years, turned into passion. He dedicated his life to this fascinating craft, he kept all the secrets that, over time, he revealed to his son Giuseppe as well as the elders had done with him.

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