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Cotechino is a cooked pork sausage typical of the Christmas season. Its name derives from the presence in the mixture of more tender rinds to which the cuts near the pig's neck and head are added, lard and a type of fat more consistent than lard found at the base of the animal's head.

Cotechino is usually served with lentils, and in the past it was traditionally prepared in the spring from scraps of meat that were seasoned with anise seeds, black pepper, nutmeg and bay leaves, then stuffed into pork casings and simmered in water until tender, then boiled in broth or milk and served hot.

Chef's Advice

Prick the skin with a fork and plunge the cotechino into a pot filled with cold water. Cook for about an hour and a half. Once ready, drain, remove the outer casing and cut into thick slices.

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