Frozen Yui Japanese Wagyu Striploin

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In Wagyu steak Roast-Beef, the marbling of fat is perfectly balanced with the meat, and the flavors and tenderness are enhanced when sliced finely.

Chef's Advice

In Japan, it is common to serve Wagyu in thin slices and cook it on a griddle "Teppanyaki," on a cast-iron plate "Sukiyaki," or in a light broth, the famous "Shabu-Shabu."

Alternatively, we recommend cooking the meat in a pan, for a few minutes per side just to seal the edges. The heart of the tenderloin should remain almost raw.

Absolutely not recommended is grilling or barbecuing because the fat would be attacked by the flame and all the juices of the meat would be lost.

What does Wagyu mean?

The word is made of ( 和) "WA" meaning Japan (牛) "GYU" meaning Cattle. The word Wagyu means Japanese cattle, it can be born and raised anywhere in the world as long as it has a genetic line of wagyu cattle.

How is the grade of Wagyu measured?

Government inspectors grade the cattle's performance (meat yield relative to the animal's total weight) on a scale of A - B - C. Equally important is fat infiltration (in Japanese "sashi"), which ranges from a scale of 1 to 5.

Grade A5 is the top for marbling, color, brilliance and texture of meat, and glossiness of fat.




Japanese Wagyu


5,5 kg approx. frozen

Terroir & Tradition Japan focuses on traditional and local producers. Longino offers Japanese Wagyu exclusively of the highest quality. Since its founding, Terroir & Tradition Japan has aimed to be an enterprise that participates in the revitalization of local communities and agribusinesses, to make their qualities known to the world. The Japanese have created a unique gastronomic culture that is among the richest in the world.

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