Frozen Square Seaweed Flavored Pasteurized Butter

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Beillevaire also stands out for its flavored butters, each suitable to meet different needs, to flavor dishes and create unique combinations. This version of butter is enriched with salt and seaweed such as sea lettuce.

Unlike traditional butters, flavored butters are pasteurized milk but still made in wooden churns, the cylindrical-shaped vessel where the cream is precisely turned into butter.

In fact, butter is basically the product obtained from cream made from cow's milk: it consists of not only the actual fat but also some of the constituents of cream (water, lipids, pigments, proteins, lactose and some salts). The difference between cream and butter lies in the fact that in the former the fat disperses into the water, whereas in butter it is the water that disperses (in the form of droplets) into the fat: it is the process of burrification that induces this transformation.


Machecoul FRANCE


Seaweed Flavored Butter


3 kg, frozen

Owner Pascal Beillevaire began his entrepreneurial adventure in the 1980s with the mission of producing true artisanal butter, as per his family tradition. He then started from village markets and regional events, and success was not long in coming. However, the fame and growth of the Beillevaire family's business, even international, has not changed Pascal's mission; in fact, it is still the only company in France that works with raw milk and churns butter in wooden churns. Not only butter production, but also a benchmark for cheese aging, with its own quarries scattered throughout the various AOP designation regions.

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