Frozen Sucklig Pig Belly

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Tabladillo's Suckling pig belly is a true gem of traditional cuisine. Soft, succulent and rich in flavor, it is a real treat. The delicacy of the meat, enriched by the right amount of fat, blends harmoniously with the spices in the cooking process.

Chef's Advice

First, the meat must be cleaned and degreased to ensure an end result free of excess grease. Next, it is seasoned with a mixture of herbs, garlic, black pepper and salt, which gives it an intense and enveloping flavor.

Once ready, the belly is gently rolled and tied so that it retains its shape during cooking. The pork is then cooked at a low temperature, slowly, so that the meat becomes tender and succulent, while the skin crisps and browns, creating a crispy, irresistible crust. Served hot, suckling pig belly spread is a dish that captivates at first taste.

What makes Segovia's Cochinillo special?

The suckling pig, also known as the Cochinillo, is carefully monitored during all stages of life: it already starts with the mother, who is healthy, fit and ready to suckle, and its feeding, which is essential because the Cochinillo feeds only on mother's milk.

Another important aspect is the habitat in which mother and child live: it is essential for an excellent quality product that they can be serene and live stress-free. All these factors mean that the only true Cochinillo de Segovia has a very clear, almost white rind and a slightly pinkish meat with unmistakable tenderness. A key characteristic is therefore the internal fat, but especially the external fat, which once cooked will be crispy and amber in color.

Segovia, SPAIN


Suckling pig belly


1,5 kg approx. frozen

The Company
Tabladillo, for more than 50 years, has raised and purchased only local piglets from the province of Segovia and has made this delicacy famous throughout the world. Founded in 1967 by Laureano Maria, the company became the province's benchmark for Segovia breeders. All Tabadillo piglets are fed 100% naturally, resulting in a totally healthy product. All facilities are equipped with the latest technology in food production, with total respect for hygienic conditions, in order to offer the highest guarantees in food safety.

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