Frozen Veal Tenderloin

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Veal tenderloin is a great classic obtained from a section of the animal's lower back (the loin), just above the legs.

The meat is low in fat and light pink in color, a very tender, prime meat that can be enhanced in a multitude of ways and is suitable for countless preparations.

Chef's Advice

Veal tenderloin is suitable for chops, roasts, Bourguignonne and medallions.

A great way to get an outstanding tenderloin is to marinate it with extra virgin olive oil, garlic and herbs before cooking to help brown the exterior of the meat. An additional trick will be to salt the meat only when it is cooked.

What makes Bahlmann veal special?

Bahlmann's philosophy is to select only healthy and muscle-strong calves. Only a few carefully chosen local farms, with which Bahlmann establishes a mutual advisory relationship by listening to the farmers' point of view and proposing solutions to improve animal welfare.

A key factor is that the calves are local, so they suffer no stress related to moving. Calves are selected according to gender, breed, age, and weight-they are moved within Balhmann herds where they can socialize with each other and live in peace.

The end result is veal of incredible quality: sweet, flavorful and delicious!




Veal Meat


1 kg, frozen

Hubert Bahlmann, since 1969, has developed a modern and appropriate method of veal rearing on his family farm in Germany.

Bahlmann's farm raises veals using only its own feedstuffs such as milk, straw and grain, in this way the animal follows a natural, nutrient-rich diet-an important condition for a healthy veal.

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