Frozen Fassona Beef Carpaccio

Size 750 g approx.
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Carpaccio of 100% Female Fassona Breed of at least 36 months old. It is made from a muscle from the hind quarters of the cattle that is characterized by a coarse grain and thick collagen. Meat from the muscles that struggle the most can be served in two ways: very slowly cooked over low heat or raw, finely chopped so as to appreciate the texture.

The meat of female cattle has natural fat marbling that makes it tender and tasty. The muscle fibers of female cattle are genetically more compact and juicier, characterized by a rich, round aroma that is never ferrous, with a perfect balance between sweetness and sapidity and an exceptional persistence, as well as hints of hazelnuts and hay.

Chef's Advice

Open the product under vacuum 1 to 2 hours in advance so that the meat is oxygenated, its original color is restored and it reaches room temperature.

To obtain an excellent carpaccio, we recommend using a meat tenderizer: wrap the slice between two sheets of kitchen foil and gently beat them in order to obtain very thin slices.

What makes the Fassona Breed special?

The history of the Piedmontese Breed dates back to the Paleolithic era, when wild cattle species merged with zebu herds from Pakistan. The new crossbreeding spread mainly in Italy, excellent for milk and meat, this breed was used as a working animal, a factor that influenced the genetics and ended up generating hypertrophy of the rump and thigh muscles.




Adult beef - Piedmontese breed "Fassona"


750 gr approx. frozen

Oberto butchery first opened in Alba, in the heart of the Langhe hills in Italy, in 1965. Pietro Oberto specialized in supplying extremely high quality meat. Oberto selects the Piedmontese “Fassona” breed of cattle, obtaining the best taste profile from this meat through maturing. Oberto's are pioneers in Fassona creation: 100% Piedmontese breed meat obtained exclusively from female cattle of over 36 months and aged for at least two weeks.

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