Apple vinegar

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In addition to being a delicious and genuine product, apple cider vinegar has all the nutritional properties of a super food. It, in fact, helps improve the production of saliva and digestive enzymes, leading to fewer digestive problems; it facilitates maintaining an ideal weight, stimulating the metabolism; it activates our body’s immune defenses and, as it is obtained from apple peel, it is rich in triterpenoids, which have inhibitory effects on the proliferation of cancer cells.

The story of Longino & Cardenal started with the intuition of four young man, who shared a common passion for haute cuisine and food. The company’s activity dates back to when they first decided to import fresh caviar from Iran, to resell it to restaurants and specialized food shops.

Discovery is what makes the difference between connoisseurs. This is the very essence of Longino & Cardenal: the company’s ability to discover rare and precious foods and to place this rich discovery at the service of some of the most demanding professionals and gourmands in the world.

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