Atlantic Scarlet Prawn XL (Carabinero)

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Looking for a quick and easy way to cook Scarlet Prawn?

In this video recipe, we show you how to steam the prawn and season it with passion fruit for an exotic flavor.

A juicy crustacean, delicate and full of flavor in the head, the Carabinero - also known as Scarlet Prawn - has become famous for its size, in fact it can reach up to 30 cm. 

It contains minerals, especially iron, phosphorus and calcium, and B and Omega vitamins. The shell is strong, leathery and equipped with spines, there are five swimming appendages, and the large tail fans out. Obviously, the most distinctive feature is the color, a bright, shiny red, synonymous with quality and freshness! In Andalusia it is a very popular and widely used food: nutritionally, the calorie intake is quite low, not even 100 calories per 100 gr of product, with little fat and a good amount of protein.

Chef's Advice

In Spain they have no doubt, the best way to eat this famous crustacean has few alternatives: raw or seared on the grill and enriched only with oil and salt.

A fun fact about the Carabinero

The name may create some ambiguity with the Spanish armed forces of the 19th century, however, the connection with the police does exist. The etymology appears to be linked to the carabinero boats of Maximilian of Habsburg, known for their bright red color, similar precisely to the coloring of these superb crustaceans.


Central Eastern Atlantic SPAIN


Atlantic scarlet prawn (Plesiopenaeus Edwardsianus)


8/9 prawns on about 1 kg, frozen

Mariscos Calafate S.L. was created at the end of December 2017 in Adra (Almería) by the grandchildren of Nicolás Casas González, "El Calafate": thus, this is the third generation of a family business of shipowners and fishermen, specializing in seafood fishing while respecting the raw material as much as possible and minimizing the time from catch to freezing of shellfish.


Ingredients: ATLANTIC RED PRAWN (Plesiopenaeus Edwardsianus), sodium chloride support, antioxidants E450I and E331iii, preservative E223

Method of production: fished in FAO zone 34 East Central Atlantic with trawls

Storage method: store at -18°C. Once thawed, do not refreeze

Average nutritional values per 100g: energy 168 kcal, fat 4.2g, of which saturated fatty acids 1.1g, carbohydrates <0.1g, of which sugars <0.1g, protein 16.8g, salt 4g

Address and business name: Mariscos Calafate S.L Paseo Maritimo 54 Bajo A 04770 Andra (Almeria) Spain

Health Registry No.: ES 12.023130/AL

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