Batuire 3 months

Weight 275 gr approx.
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The Batuira & Egrave; A raw milk cheese with semi-cut, soft and elastic pasta. The color & egrave; Straw yellow with a well-distributed and very delicate fine hook on the palate. The crust & egrave; Slim slightly molded and gray. A cheese with a delicate flavor of milk, herbaceous and with a slight tip of acidity & agrave; On the final.

  • milk: raw cow
    • Type: with semi-cut paste
      • Texture : creamy
        • crust : gray masefulness
          • color: pale straw yellow
            • Taste: intense, of fresh cow's milk
              • aroma: herbaceous and floral

                The Des Martin were ten families of a small fraction of the Cuneo, called Valliera, in a complete state of abandonment before the surprising transformation by these families. In fact, this magnificent village attracted the attention of a group of friends in 2007, eager to restore life to the village. SoGrave;, the small wooden and stone buildings, perched on the steep slope, are transformed from ruins in residences, preserving the ancient mountain architecture thanks to the precious wisdom of des Martin. After a handful of years, with lots of work, families fulfill the desire, giving Cos & Igrave; VALLIERA fraction life with a new optics and a very ancient vocation: the place of production of the best castelmagno d & rsquo; Alpeggio ever.


                Born for Necessit & Agrave; Of those who remained isolated in the high mountains, but immediately became noble at the end of the 1200, the Castelmagno & Egrave; A special cheese, from the friable grain of a beautiful pearly white color, perfume and persistent taste that refers to the flowers and herbs of the pastures of d & rsquo;. Des Martin carries out this tradition in its extremely rare & ldquo version; d & rsquo; alpeteggio & rdquo; D.O.P. Product exclusively from raw milk, MUNO and transformed into the territory, above 1000 m S.L.M. and solely between May and October, everything to guarantee a maximum quality product & agrave; And with an unmistakable flavor.


                Valliera Italia

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                Vacation from 250 g

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                precision of the indicated weight : the indicated weight pu & ograve; suffer a slight deviation due to the cutting of the piece or the type of product.

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Ingredients: milk raw, ferments, rennet, salt.

Milk Origin: Italy

Store: +4 - + 6 & deg; c

Valliera Societ & Agrave; Agricola SS Production and operational headquarters Valliera, 54

12020 Castelmagno (CN)

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