High Beet Coupelle

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Colorful pastry shells, both sweet and savory, ideal for parties, aperitifs and Sunday brunches: ready to use, all they need is your imagination to fill them!

The story of Longino & Cardenal started with the intuition of four young man, who shared a common passion for haute cuisine and food. The company’s activity dates back to when they first decided to import fresh caviar from Iran, to resell it to restaurants and specialized food shops.

And so a fictional name is invented: Longino, a Swiss nobleman and Cardenal, a Cuban fisherman. United by a shared passion for quality food, they decide to travel together in search of the finest specialties around the world.

Discovery is what makes the difference between connoisseurs. This is the very essence of Longino & Cardenal: the company’s ability to discover rare and precious foods and to place this rich discovery at the service of some of the most demanding professionals and gourmands in the world.


Ingredients: WHEAT flour, water, vegetable fat (palm), red beets 3.3% (red beets 99.5%, anti-agglomerating agent E551), sugar, WHEAT fibers, salt, leavening agents E336i and E550iii. May contain traces of EGGS

Packaged in a protective atmosphere

Storage: store in a cool, dry place

Possible presence of white spots due to the use of flour

Average nutritional values per 100 g: energy 2171 kJ / 519 kcal, fat 29 g, of which saturated fatty acids 23 g, carbohydrates 56 g, of which sugars 6 g, fiber 3.6 g, proteins 9 g, salt 0.6 g

Company name and address: FOOD N' JOY SA-116 a Bd des Canadiens-7711 Dottignies, Belgium

Ingredients that contain allergens are highlighted in BOLD.

Product label: the specific information relating to the products may vary due to modifications made by the manufacturers, which could temporarily lead to a discrepancy between the information available on the website and the information displayed on the products delivered. We therefore invite you to double check the information found on the product label or on the package before consuming or using it.

For more information on the technical characteristics of the product, please contact our Customer Care team


Ingredients: wheat flour , water, vegetable grease (palm), red beets 3.3% (red beets 99.5%, anti agglomerant and 551), sugar, fibers of Wheat , salt, rising agents E336i and E550III. Pu & ograve; contain traces of eggs

Packaged in a protective atmosphere

Modalit & agrave; Conservation: Store in a cool and dry place

Possible presence of white spots due to the flour

Medium nutritional values ​​per 100g: energy 2171kj / 519kcal, fat 29g, of which saturated fatty acids 23g, 56g carbohydrates, of which sugars 6g, fibers 3.6g, protein 9g, salt 0.6g

Address and company name: Food n & rsquo; JOY SA-116 A BD des Canadiens-7711 Dottignies Belgium

The ingredients that contain allergens are highlighted in bold

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