Bonini Gustoso Condiment

Size Aged in casks for at least 8 years - 250 ml
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Bonini Gustoso condiment matures in barrels at least 8 years old.

Only grape must, cooked in open vats, which acetifies slowly in naturally drained barrels.

Aging thus gives the product a dark, bright color, a soft, fruity aroma and a flavor full of character, despite its young age.

It is perfect on vegetables or for indulging in cooking!

The Bonini company, from its headquarters in Cesario sul Panaro in Emilia-Romagna, produces condiments according to a single, grand vision that involves the use of a single ingredient: Trebbiano grape must cooked in open vats. The slow acetification of the must results in a product of extreme quality that, over the years, has conquered some of the most coveted tables around the world. The aging of the condiment gives the product a bright dark color, a unique fruity and soft aroma and a fresh flavor.

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