Centumbrie Dried Lentils

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TheCentumbrie lentils are cultivated in full compliance with organic agriculture, without the use of pesticides and herbicides, in the declive land of our green hills.

The company
Centumbrie is the story of two Umbrian families, ancient as Umbria, his people and his civilization. Retracing these two stories means crossing a hundred places! Centumbrie is TERRA, Umbrian land, matter that more material cannot be, yet Centumming activities find their food thinking in the field of heart

Ingredients: legum lentils from Umbria
Medium nutritional values ​​per 100g: Energy 1545 KJ / 364 kcal, fat 1.6, of which saturated fatty acids 0.3g, 62.7g carbohydrates, of which sugars 2 , 9g, protein 24.5g, fiber 17, salt 0g
Net weight: 1 kg
Tips for use: Store in a cool and dry environment. Sift the product to eliminate impurities and wash carefully. Before cooking, visual control and soaking the product
address and company name: cm s.r.L. Via Osteria San Martino 31 / C Agello Magione (PG)

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