Cinnamon Powder

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Cinnamon is extracted from the inner bark, under the exterior covering of the tree. The surface is scraped and the remaining “stick” is rolled like a papyrus, and then cut to the desired length. The aroma and flavor if cinnamon derive from its essential oil. The aroma is delicate, sweet and persistent.

Chef's Advice

The Eastern and Creole traditions use cinnamon to flavor tea, but cinnamon is also mixed with savory foodstuffs, particularly smoked meats. It is used to bring out the fragrance of punch, it works well with the acidic flavor of apples. It is perfect with chocolate, and as a flavoring in cream, whipped cream, meringues and ice creams. It can achieve exceptional results in the flavoring of spirits and liqueurs.

What makes Sambava spices special?

The spices are grown by local suppliers who are meticulously monitored so that they meet strict quality standards. The packaging is made exclusively from natural materials, because a commitment to the environment is taken very seriously, and is designed to preserve the spices' aromas and flavors intact. Sambava Épices offers only the highest quality products that encapsulate the fragrances and essences of the pristine island of Madagascar.


Toamasina region, Madagascar




70 g

Sambava Épices S.a.r.l. is a Madagascar-based company, based in the island capital of Antananarivo: it uses small, carefully chosen Malagasy producers with the aim of offering excellent spices, preserving the territory, the originality of the raw materials and the well-being of the employees. The selection and taste of the products are of exceptional quality, selecting only the best spices available on the island.

Ingredienti: cannella (Cinnamomum zeylanicum)

Origine: Madagascar

Modalità di conservazione: Conservare a temperatura ambiente in un luogo fresco e asciutto, dentro un contenitore ermetico.

Ragione sociale e indirizzo: SAMBAVA Epices SARL La Tour, Niveau 26, Rue Ravoninahitriniarivo, Ankorondrano, 101 Antananarivo

Gli allergeni presenti tra gli ingredienti del prodotto sono evidenziati in GRASSETTO

Le indicazioni dei prodotti fornite potrebbero variare per modifiche effettuate da parte dei produttori che potrebbero temporaneamente causare variazioni tra le informazioni presenti sul sito e quelle riportate sui prodotti che vengono consegnati. Vi invitiamo quindi a verificare le informazioni riportate sull’etichetta o sul pack del prodotto (ove siano previste) prima di consumarlo o di utilizzarlo

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