Deboned Black Forest Ham

Weight 3 kg approx.
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The original Tannenhof Black Forest ham is cold smoked in brick-lined ovens over glowing fir and juniper twigs, at 800 meters above sea level, on the gentle hills of the Eschach Valley, in the south of Germany. The process is constantly monitored to ensure the highest quality standards, also thanks to the use of cutting-edge production techniques.

Accuracy of the specified weight: the indicated weight may vary slightly based on the specific cut or the type of product.


Ingredients: pork, salt, spices, sugar, glucose, sodium ascorbate antioxidant, sodium nitrite preservatives and potassium nitrite. Smoked with fir wood

Modalit & agrave; conservation: Store between 7 & deg; and 18 & deg; c

Medium nutritional values ​​per 100g: energy 997kj / 239kcal, fat 15g, of which saturated fatty acids 6.3g, carbohydrates 1g, of which sugars 1g, protein 25g, salt 5g.

Company name and address: Tannenho Swartzwalder Fleishwaren GMNH & Co. KG D-78078 NiediSchachach

ce stamp: de ev 929 EG

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