Fassona Rump 5/6 kg

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The rump is an highly-prized cut taken from the hindquarters of 100% Female Fassona Breed of at least 36 months old. Extremely versatile cut: recommended for raw dishes, grilling, pan-frying and ovenroasting. For best results, leave the meat to stand briefly after cooking.

The Company
Oberto butchery first opened in Alba, in the heart of the Langhe hills, in 1965. Pietro Oberto specialized in supplying extremely high quality meat. Oberto select the Piedmontese “Fassona” breed of cattle, obtaining the best taste profile from this meat through maturing. The origins of the Fassona breed date back to around 25-30,000 years ago.

This genetic mutation during the 1800s introduced the main characteristic in the evolution of the Fassona breed that distinguishes it from all other Italian breeds: muscular hypertrophy.
Commonly known as double muscling, this refers to the particular development of the muscle fibres, and led to the name in French which filtered through into the Piedmontese dialect as “fasun”: Fassona.

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