Frozen Duroc Pork Collar

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Duorc Pork collar is a marbled cut with a rich, remarkable flavor. Pork collars are a familiar cut in Europe and because of their intense marbling are used to make traditional sausages. The collar is a cut from the shoulder of the pig that runs from the neck to the tip of the loin.

Chef's Advice

Duroc Pork Collar is a very versatile cut. It is excellent roasted, braised in stock or cut into chops and grilled.

What makes the Duroc breed of pork special?

The Duroc breed is a breed born from the fusion of Old Duroc and Red Jersey in the 19th century United States. It is characterized by excellent marbling, a firm white fat that makes the meat juicy, tender and flavorful. Because of the high fat infiltration in the pig, Duroc is considered perfect for processing into ham.


La Rioja, SPAIN


Duroc pork


2 kg approx. frozen

The Company

At the beginning of the 20th century in rural La Rioja, Spain, the Loza company began its charcuterie and ham business, selecting raw materials and taking care of production processes as no one had ever done before.

Attention to animal welfare and excellent meat quality made Loza immediately famous, to the point that it sold its products in the United States and Cuba beginning in the 1930s.

Competence, Patience and Mastery are the watchwords of the Loza family who, more than 100 years later, still run the business with passion, adapting to the esigence of markets on different continents.

Ingredients: pork
Origin: Spain
Net weight: 2 kg
Method of storage: store at -18 °C. Once thawed, do not refreeze
Business name and address: Amando Loza Alonso S.A. San Juan 32. CP26320 Banos de Rìo Tobìa (La Rioja) SPAIN
EC vignette: ES 10.026006/BU EC.

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